A course of homeopathic treatment begins with an in-depth initial consultation. I plan enough time for this first appointment, to gain a detailed and full picture of your symptoms and personal state of health. This individual picture is complemented by clinical examinations and, where necessary, evaluation of medical or laboratory test results. Please bring all current medical reports, test results, and any already prescribed medication along to this appointment.
After the appointment, all information and results are meticulously evaluated in a special case analysis; the technique of repertorization is then used to select and prescribe the most suitable remedy for your personal needs.

follow-up consultation is held around 2 to 4 weeks after the start of your course of treatment. At this appointment, we discuss and document any reactions and changes you have experienced since the start of treatment, and evaluate the results. This information forms the basis for further procedure.

In chronic disorders, treatment may extend over a long period. Serious disorders generally require multiple treatments, which are complementary and coordinated. Homeopathic treatment may also be a useful accompaniment to indicated medicinal therapy.

Administering the remedy

The method of administration and the dosage of your homeopathic remedy are determined on the basis of your current personal state of health.


C-potency remedies are generally taken once only. Allow 2-3 pills as prescribed to dissolve slowly on the tongue.


Remedies prescribed in LM/Q dilutions are intended to be taken on repeated occasions; the frequency and dosage is determined for your individual case.

In general, please follow these instructions when taking homeopathic remedies:
Please do not eat, drink or clean your teeth for half an hour before or after taking the remedy.

Initial reaction

When you first take a homeopathic remedy, you may note an initial worsening of symptoms. Patients may show a weaker form of symptoms that correspond to the general symptoms the remedy is designed to trigger. However, please contact me if more serious symptoms appear, or if you notice any new and unknown symptoms or acute problems as treatment progresses. We will then discuss further treatment options.

Homeopathic and conventional medical treatment

Classical homeopathy can either be used as an independent therapy or accompany essential conventional medical treatment. Please continue to take any necessary medication and any conventional medical treatments you require. Results of conventional medical examinations and laboratory tests provide important information and parameters that help to monitor the progress of treatment.

Please discuss any plans for parallel treatment with other naturopathic remedies or therapies with me. Undesirable interactions or disorders may result from simultaneous use of other homeopathic remedies, combination remedies or naturopathic remedies. The same applies to any massage or inhalation therapies involving aromatic essential oils which are taken at the same time as your course of homeopathic treatment.

Storage of homeopathic remedies

Homeopathic remedies should not be stored near sources of radiation (mobile phones, TV, radio, computer, microwave), in direct sunlight or in hot places.